Selling Process More than just a sign on your lawn, we invest in your property... We know your ultimate goal is to achieve the best possible price, in the shortest period of time, with terms favorable to you. Here's how we can help!

Marketing & Networking
A “RED CARPET” LISTING SERVICE We promote each property in the most Luxurious way possible maximizing its exposure to reach all potential buyers & in turn greatly amplifies the possibilities for multiple offers. We create a custom Marketing plan that caters to the need of each property. A huge advantage to any Seller is that we are constantly networking & creating great relationships with other Realtors as they have pre-qualified Buyers waiting for a hot new property such as yours. We take any action necessary in order to get the right Buyers to your door!
Marketing Materials & More
Most Realtors to try to cut costs on their end, don’t really do much to properly market. Instead, we invest thousands on your property because we believe in it. A Buyer see’s your marketing materials such as pictures, brochures, videos etc. before they actually book a showing so the higher the quality of marketing materials & the more attractive the property looks, the greater the chance of potential buyers booking a showing. What has become a huge game changer for us is our Cinematic Videos. Very few Realtors do them due to their very high cost but we’ve found that they incredibly take the properties exposure to a new level through social media & online marketing. You’ll actually feel as if your home was part of a real “movie”! 
An Open House Like No Other!
While many agents dislike the idea of open houses, we’ve created a way to drive more than three times the traffic that most other agents receive at their open houses. More showings equal more buyers, offers & eventually a higher price! 

Some of Our Listing Features Include: Remember, focus on the quality of the agent you hire & don't base your decision on the commission an they charge... You get what you pay for!

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