Estate Sale/Power of Attorney
This mainly occurs when a loved one has passed on and has left their property to children, a family member or another trusted individual. People usually have no emotional tie to the property and want to sell quickly so as to receive their proceeds and avoid paying any further maintenance, borrowing costs, etc.

Even though any Realtor can sell your house, these transactions become very challenging when there is more than one party involved & not everyone understands & has the experience to properly handle them as all parties must agree to the terms & conditions of the listing/offer.

Having been involved in many of these transactions, this has to be one of the areas that Mario specializes inas he knows how to property accommodate all parties involved so they know and understand every part of the transaction without being biased to one side.

Very important: Make sure to speak to a lawyer. Probate must be completed in order for the property to be sold. See one of my many testimonials below:

Divorce Sales

Divorce is always stressful. You’ve invested a lot of time & hard work to transform a house into a home. Selling a home is a naturally emotional experience, and those emotions will be amplified when you have to sell your matrimonial home during a divorce.

When people get divorced they usually sell their property to split the proceeds. Determining what you can expect to sell your property for and what you can afford to spend on a newly purchased property will be key. Having had ample experience with divorce sales, Mario knows how to handle the situation by being patient throughout the entire process; with the understanding that both parties are in an emotional state and are looking to move on. In these cases emotions run high, so it’s imperative to review your options and determine what will work best for each party involved

Always remember: it is in your best interest to be up front about your situation. Your real estate representative needs to know about the divorce & the level of co-operation between the spouses. This will help them greatly as it may impact how they market the property!

1.      Get proper legal advice.
2.      Whether the divorce is amicable or contested, take time to weigh your options.
3.      Make a rational decision about what to do with the property (e.g. sell, keep, one party keeps ownership)