By: Mario Armani

When Should You Downsize?

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Many people try not to downsize. It’s very comfortable to stay at the place that you most know which your family home is. People tend to hang on to fantastic moments and memories that were created over the years with the ones they love. All these thoughts spring up a roller coaster of emotions within people as they start thinking of all the history they have in their home however for most, it’s a necessary thing to do in life and they don’t even realize it!
As we age, we don’t need as much space, we don’t have the same energy to care and maintain our properties as we once did and some actually live certain months of the year abroad. For these reasons alone people need to start thinking about moving to a place that’s more comfortable for them. They don’t realize the flexibility and money that downsizing will provide for them and I still don’t know why people are so hesitant.

I personally have this experience happening to me right now! I have my in-laws house in Caledon (Bolton/Palgrave Ontario) listed right now. They are selling a 2 acre property with a pool and tons of grass to cut and snow to remove in the winter months! They are downsizing to something much smaller and spending 6 months of the year in Fort Lauderdale Florida. They however do not want to downsize! They’d like to keep the property but after much thought and explanation from my part, it didn’t make sense for them to keep the property. They will be saving thousands of dollars a year in taxes, maintenance and bills but most important of all they will not have the headache of having to maintain such a large property day in and day out. They are still young people in their mid 50’s so they figured out that moving now is better than later and it’s the right attitude!
Life is all about convenience. We reach a certain age where we have less patience and less time to do the things we require. We need to be realistic about the way we want to live our lives. In my case I would love to live up north but considering I work a lot in Vaughan Etobicoke and North York (Toronto) it doesn’t make sense for me driving all day. At the end of the day you sacrifice so much and I will never sacrifice time because it’s one of the few things you can never get back!

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