By: Mario Armani

Is staging really important or necessary when selling your Home?

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This has always been a debated topic; who should we listen to? Many realtors and sellers do take this topic lightly. They believe that it doesn’t matter how a room looks or what furniture a home has as a potential buyer is going to put their own touches if they buy a home anyways. The truth of the matter is that only a select number of buyers have an eye to see a diamond in the rough and most need to see themselves in the space before they actually move in!
A property must feel right from the moment you walk in the door. The paint must be fresh and neutral, furniture must be properly placed to make a room look larger not smaller and of course the home must be clean! These are just basic steps to preparing a home for sale. Many sellers do not want to do these steps the majority of times out of just being lazy but what they neglect to realize is that these very inexpensive changes can have a great impact on how quick and how much their home sells for.
When people think staging they think about a company coming in and removing all their furniture and re-arranging everything and costing a fortune. This very rarely happens. Before I list a house, I always do a walk through with the client to go over and make sure everything looks the way it needs to before the photographer comes in for pictures this way when people view the pics, the home appeals to the majority of buyers. If people like the photos they are more likely to book an appointment to view the home.
So sellers remember: staging is very important and it never needs to be taken lightly. If you prepare your home the proper way you can expect to receive the price you’re after!

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