By: Mario Armani

How Do You Manage Stress

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Being a realtor is a very stressful job. We are the one industry where the consumer believe we do nothing. Their perception is that all we do is some paperwork, answer some calls and put a sign on a lawn but that is hardly the case. Real estate is actually a very stressful job. It really consumes your life and makes it very difficult to balance your family and personal time. So what do I do to combat the everyday pressures of the career I chose? I PLAN EVERYTHING!
From the second I wake up to the second I go to sleep I have an agenda of what’s going to happen in my day. I do have to add tasks as things come up during the day but the important thing was that I accomplished all the things I set out to do that day. When you have a busy lifestyle with a career, kids, fitness etc. if you don’t plan, you’ll plan to fail!

I have always scheduled and planned very well but never like this. Although some might think its tedious it actually enables you to do much more throughout your day. My typical day starts off at 6:30 where I quickly eat breakfast then followed by 100 sit ups. I then go into responding to my emails and social media accounts, then writing my blogs, posting on social media, etc. By this time its 9am and I am ready to actually call people and go to my appointments. If I didn’t plan all those tasks the night before I would not know where to begin the morning. If you know what you’re going to do, you can just do it as opposed to figuring out where you’re going to start. Routine is very important and I believe that in order to be successful you must accomplish little steps like this over and over on a daily basis. If you need any help planning your day or just wanted to get more details how I started doing all this (because I didn’t do it from one day to the next it took time to learn the proper strategy!) call me and I would love to make it easier for you to live your life! Until next time your realtor, friend, ultimate lover of food lol Mario Armani!

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