By: Mario Armani

Home Maintenance & Home Renovations, How important Are They?

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Home Renovations – they are more complicated than you think as here are many important things you can renovate in terms of adding value to your home for resale. Since renovations are one of my passions, I lend me expertise to my clients all the time! I actually had a past client call me a few weeks ago inquiring about some renovations that they wanted to do in their home in Vaughan. They had a plan, renovate and sell in 3 years and that’s where I came in…they wanted to know what to renovate so when they sold they could get top dollar. I was so happy they called me! This actually makes my job so much easier as they would be doing renos that I truly believe will get them a great return. This is something that I would recommend to any homeowner. Your realtor can check out the area you live in and see what is common for the type of home you have and make sure those renovations get completed to receive a comparable or higher selling price just like those other homes.

You have to be smart and it’s very important to do your homework sellers just like my past client that bought a home in Vaughan! If you are not careful you can really do some terrible renovations that will not add value to the home and in fact in some cases reduce the value! I will actually be posting another article in this blog section next week with some of these bad examples so stay tuned!

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