By: Mario Armani

Are You Stressed Working From Home?

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One of my biggest challenges of being self-employed is working from home. Your trying to talk on the phone, send email, text messages, prepare listings and other paperwork while at the same time attending to the kids, your wife, the TV blasting, the cats crawling all over you etc., It’s tough! I know many can relate to having the same situations happen to them! It’s very hard to keep focus and stay on track when you have so many distractions. Although I am still trying to master this approach, I’ve found that writing down a daily game plan helps me achieve all the tasks I need to accomplish for that day.

Yesterday for instance I was at home all day and didn’t stop from morning to night. I had to follow up with many clients and attend to the other day to day tasks that I have to keep my business afloat. When the end of the day was approaching, I took a look at my daily to do list and noticed that I had forgot to prepare a listing presentation for a seller client in Vaughan, forgot to call a buyer client that wanted some statistics or a specific Etobicoke area and lastly didn’t send my brokerage some documents that they needed so they can pay me my commission for some upcoming closing deals. When I realized what I hadn’t done yet, I didn’t know whether to be happy I wrote everything down or overwhelmed at home many things I had still left to do!
It is very important to be organized in this business and especially if you are an agent who wants to be on top of it all like I am. I have also made a schedule where during certain hours of the day if I’m home I go in an empty room of the house to avoid any distractions. I am very blessed to have a great wife how supports this crazy real estate lifestyle! People all think that we show houses all day and in reality most of the time it’s what we least end up doing. There is a lot of back end work that is mandatory if you want your client funnel to continue to grow, not to mention attending to previous and current clients as well!
So now you know some of my tricks on how to work more efficiently from home! Like I said I am not a master at it yet but every day I learn new things so let’s keep learning together!

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