By: Mario Armani

Are all Real Estate Agents the same? NO! The times have changed!

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As a realtor selling homes in Toronto and Vaughan, I get asked by potential clients the same question over and over again during my listing presentations: What are you going to do to sell my home? Simple question? I don’t think so! You end up giving a seller a long list of “benefits” you offer over your competitor and you still don’t get the listing! So what do sellers and buyers look for? I’ve found that they want a real estate salesperson who keeps up with the times!
Through social media, the internet and other marketing avenues, it is easier and harder at the same time to find new clients. Because of their reach, real estate representatives have had to start offering more services to get new clients on board and compete fellow realtors. Realtors use to be privy to information that wasn’t public but due to the free amount of content available online at just a click of a mouse, agents have had to include services like staging, professional photography and virtual tours with drones.
I believe that people have to take into account that Real Estate representatives actually have knowledge and they know how to understand the market they farm and work in. What may be obvious to an agent is not that obvious to the average person even if both have detailed facts of what a house listed and sold for! Agents also have an understanding of how a sales contract needs to be written including certain clauses protecting the buyer and seller from future catastrophe.
For some reason, real estate is a profession where people think they can do it on their own and most do not put a high value in what we do but forget that they are dealing with an asset worth hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars! You can save money and build your own car but would you want a tire to fall off while you’re driving? Like I always say “Let the professionals do their job while you do yours!” A realtor ill allow you to benefit from their network of contacts. In my case I have a close network of contacts including mortgage brokers, lawyers, inspectors, renovation companies, stagers & more. This network gives my clients exclusive pricing passing these savings off to the homeowner!
At the end of the day, you pay for what you get! You can negotiate with your realtor as to what the commission they will charge you. Depending on the service they give, you might pay more or less of the industry standard 5%. Give me a call, I would love to give you more detailed information and explain how I can sell your house for top dollar! Until next time!

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