About Mario Armani

Sales Representative

Meet Mario!

I have a very different approach to real estate…I won’t call you a hundred times or pressure you into buying or selling. I’ll provide all the facts, come up with a game plan & allow you to decide what’s best!

As a sales representative, it is imperative to be knowledgeable in many areas of real estate such as homes, condos, neighbourhood patterns, marketing, negotiating, lead generation, legalities, pricing strategies, staging, social media, photography/video, administration, etc. These are a lot of attributes that clients do not realize that agents need to have. I strongly feel that this is what separates my services from the rest of the field! Be very careful when choosing an agent as they are helping you make a decision that can have a really big impact on your future. Don’t focus on how much commission you are paying them however look at their credentials, experience, negotiating capabilities and whether they will be able to bring you top dollar!

Whether you’re buying or selling, my proven system & process ensures a seamless experience. My goal is for people to enjoy their experience rather than stress themselves out! With the support of my team I will take care of it all…from arranging photography/video, to staging (if needed) all the way to arranging your Mortgage, Inspection & Lawyer. My team is at your service!

My track record & 15+ years of sales experience speaks for itself. I would love to get together & give your further details about how it will benefit you particularly!

On a more personal level, I am a proud husband to my wife Katherine. A blessed father of two beautiful boys Alexander & Cristian. Less we forget my awesome hairless cats Sofia & Charles. I enjoy going to the gym as being healthy is a huge part of my life, playing soccer as it is another one of my passions (although I am not very good!) and overall just being a better person day in and day out. I’m very thankful for my families support, as they are the ones that allow me to find a happy medium in my busy real estate career. They have given me the opportunity to work crazy hours and do what I love most!

One of my favourite things about Real Estate is that it’s always evolving! You’re always dealing with people of different ethnicities, changing neighbourhoods and different market factors. Making sure I’m on top of these changes is the key to my success and the benefit for our clients when entering and strategizing a purchase or sale within this competitive real estate market. Starting my day & having to work in this business has never been a “job”; more of a passion! Thus, it definitely changes the way you work in business and the experiences my clients have.

Mario Armani, Passionate about Real Estate!

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